Subscription Instructions to Benefit From The Library Services

Item (8):

           ( B ): The services provided by the library shall benefit the teaching and administrative members who have completed their services at the university due to their legal age or who have spent fifteen years in the service of the university, for a refundable 50 JOD, Which they may borrow for five books, for a three (3) weeks.

           ( D ) : A bachelor student may borrow (4) books for a maximum of two weeks.

Item (9): The Public Institutions and the official departments can borrow (4) Four books from the Library for a maximum of two weeks, under a special card issued in its name at the request of these institutions and departments, and handed over to an authorized representative for a refundable (100) JOD, and an annual subscription of (25) JOD.

Item (10):

           ( A ): Non university members can borrow (3) three books for a maximum of two weeks, Under the value of the subscription referred to in Item (22) sub item (c) (1) of these Instructions, for refundable amount of (75) JOD.

           ( B ) : students who did not register in the summer semester can borrow (4) Four books for maximum of two weeks, for a fee of (5) JOD.

           ( C ) : The library offers subscriptions for those who don’t have the University Identity, to allow them to use the library and get the benefits of its services; those subscriptions are categorized as follows:

                      - For Jordanians: One-year subscription in return of (25) JODs

                      - For Non-Jordanians: One Year in return of (150) USDs. (105 JODs).

                      - Monthly Subscribtion: One Month  in return of  (10 JODs).

                      - Weekly Subscribtion: One Week  in return of  (5 JODs).