World Water Day 2021 toolkit, download: Arabic , Chinese , English ,French , Russian & Spanish .

The kit contains everything you need to inspire your friends, family and colleagues: Q&A on valuing water, Key campaign messages, Top facts.

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Through its Members and Partners, UN-Water works to strengthen Member States in their efforts to ensure sustainable water and sanitation for all. This section provides an overview of who does what with a special focus on the collective support to deliver on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals.

SDG Knowledge Hub - SDG Goal 6 - Clean Water & Sanitation

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World Economic Situation and Prospects 2021

This is the United Nations definitive report on the state of the world economy, providing global and regional economic outlook for 2020 and 2021. A once-in-a-century crisis—a Great Disruption unleashed by a viral pandemic—hit the world economy in 2020. The pandemic spread like a forest fire, reaching every corner of the world, infecting more than 90 million and killing close to 2 million people worldwide

Human Development Report 2020

This report offers a thought-provoking, necessary alternative to paralysis in the face of alarming planetary change. Its release comes as the COVID-19 (coronarvirus) pandemic simultaneously offers a glimpse of what a ‘new normal’ could hold and opens up the opportunity for humanity to change course. The report also sets out new metrics of human development to guide us, including a new, experimental Planetary pressures-adjusted Human Development Index.

World Drug Report 2020

This report aims to improve the understanding of the world’s drug problem and to contribute towards fostering greater international cooperation for countering its impact on health, governance and security. It includes an updated overview of recent trends on production, trafficking and consumption for non-medical purposes of key controlled substances.

World Cities Report 2020

This report shows that the intrinsic value of sustainable urbanization can and should be harnessed for the wellbeing of all. It provides evidence and policy analysis of the value of urbanization from an economic, social and environmental perspective. It also explores the role of innovation and technology, local governments, targeted investments and the effective implementation of the New Urban Agenda in fostering the value of sustainable urbanization.

World Statistics Pocketbook 2020

This publication is an annual compilation of key statistical indicators prepared by the United Nations Statistics Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs. The topics covered include: agriculture, balance of payments, education, energy, environment, food, gender, health, industrial production, information and communication, international finance, international tourism, international trade, labour, migration, national accounts, population and prices.