About the Conference

  The 7th International Conference on E-Publishing " Library 4.0 in Action "

The University of Jordan Library is holding its 7th international conference on electronic publishing entitled ( The 7th International Conference on E-Publishing: Library 4.0 in Action). The conference aims to highlight the impact of digital technology, smart applications, and artificial intelligence on the role of libraries in the scientific research system, as well as the flexibility of libraries to respond to these developments, which have a significant impact on the educational and learning process. The conference title is related to the concept of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which will include all global institutions, including universities, and through which knowledge can be produced and current reality can be developed into a more advanced reality based on the digital transformation revolution. One of the main objectives of the conference is to provide an opportunity for researchers, professionals, developers, and publishers to meet and exchange knowledge and experiences in the field of electronic publishing and its impact on educational institutions and the overall scientific research process. The 7th Electronic Publishing Conference will include panel discussions and scientific sessions, workshops, and a roundtable for interaction, in addition to an exhibition.

  Conference Vision:

The conference aims to enhance the concepts of academic electronic publishing and elevate the level of scientific research in the context of creating innovative library resources using modern technologies in order to achieve excellence in scientific research and teaching in higher education institutions .

  Conference Objectives:

The purpose of this conference is to achieve the following goals:

  •  Shedding light on the latest technological developments in the library and information sector and their practical applications.
  •  Understanding the impact of the modern industrial revolution and advanced web technologies on libraries of all kinds and various types, which are now known as "fourth-generation libraries."
  •  Identifying aspects of creativity and innovation in the library and information sector that crystallize through interaction and integration with modern technology, leading to sustainable outputs that positively impact society as a whole.
  •  Elevating the level of scientific research and academic publishing in light of modern trends in the digital transformation and information sector.
  •  highlighting the role of libraries in the scientific research system in light of advanced digital technology.
  •  Enhancing the role of academic libraries in order to create smart universities that meet world-class standards in the digital environment.
  •  Innovating advanced methods to eliminate information, media and digital illiteracy.
  •  Keeping up with the latest global developments and technologies in the field of information services in light of the changes that occur in the digital knowledge era.
  •  Providing an opportunity for researchers, academics, librarians, information technology specialists, and educators to meet and exchange experiences and knowledge in the field.
  •  Shedding light on the advanced horizons of smart education and the impact of digital transformation and artificial intelligence on education.
  •  Developing the efficiency of workers in the library and information sector in the field of information services in smart libraries through accompanying workshops of the conference.
  •  Bing a global conference that includes researchers from various specialties and disciplines will contribute to raise the ranking of the University of Jordan.
  •  Increasing awareness of the importance of digital library resources and their management, highlighting digital library services, including remote, mobile, and cloud services.
  •  Develop strategies and policies shared by universities to raise the efficiency of technology-based education in Jordan and the Arab world.