Conference Themes

Digital Transformation and the Changing Culture of Research

1. Open access and the changing culture of research

- lesson learned from the transition to open access?

2. Library and digital trends (AI, ML, IoTs)

3. Infodemic.

4. Library resiliency & crisis

- Physical Design

- E-collections

- E-Services

5. Learning and the changing role of library

- Distance learning

- Blended Learning

Conference Date

Count Every Second Until the Event

Conference Vision

The conference aims to promote academic and scientific E-publishing, and raise the level of scientific research in the context of creating innovative library resources using the modern technologies to reach excellence in teaching at the Higher Education Institutions.

Conference Goals

This conference aims to achieve the following:

  1. - Raise the level of scientific research and academic publishing in light of the most recent trends in digital transformation field and information sector.
  2. - Shedding light on the aspects of creativity and innovation in libraries and information sector which crystalize through networking and cohering with recent technology trends leading to sustainable outputs which in turn, is positively reflected on the community at large.
  3. - Highlighting the role of libraries in the scientific research system in light of the advanced digital technology.
  4. - Enhancing the role of academic libraries in accessing smart universities that measure up to global levels in the digital electronic environment.
  5. - Innovating advanced methods to eradicate information and media illiteracy.
  6. - Keeping latest developments and technologies abreast in the field of providing information services in light of the changes that occur in the digital age.

  1. - Providing an opportunity for researchers, academics, library and information technology specialists as well as workers in the education sector and in any sector that contributes to the knowledge domain to meet and exchange experiences and knowledge in the related field.
  2. - Shedding light on the advanced prospects of smart education and the impact of digital transformation on education.
  3. - Developing the competency of library and information sector’s workers in the in the field of information services in smart libraries through the conference’s workshops.
  4. - Enhancing the role of academic libraries in accessing smart universities that rise to international standards in the digital environment.
  5. - Increasing awareness of the importance of digital library resources and management, as well as shedding light on digital library services, including remote, mobile and cloud services.
  6. - Develop strategies and policies shared by universities to raise the efficiency of technology-based education in Jordan and the Arab world.