Deposit and Special Collections and Annex Reading Halls 

The Deposit and Special Collections house resources of particular national and cultural importance and includes the following collections:

  • Hashemite Collection: It holds a wide range of publications and studies about Jordan. Chief amongst its holdings are works written by the Hashemite family, as well as other resources on its history and achievements.
  • Bayt al-Maqdis Collection: It contains prints related to Al-Quds Al-Sharif (Jerusalem), along with some Hebrew studies and material on the Palestinian question.
  • Special Collections: These include rare books printed before 1930, covering a wide array of subject areas, along with other valuable books preserved from damage.
  • Restricted Circulation Collection: It contains books that are only accessible by special request.
  • United Nations Deposit Collection: It holds publications of the various UN agencies, institutions, and organizations, in addition to a number of university archives.
This section also manages and monitors the work of the 13 annex reading halls, allocated across the various faculties of the University, including the Aqaba branch. It achieves this by collaborating closely with the Library liaison officers operating in these halls.