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About The library
      The University of Jordan Library has been serving students and researchers since the establishment of the University of Jordan in 1962. It has been operating from its 12,700 square meter main building, in addition to its 10 minor reading rooms, disseminated across the various schools of the University. The Library’s organizational structure comprises three departments and nine sections, which deliver services efficiently to students, academics and members of staff, along with users and researchers from the local community. In keeping with the latest innovations in the field of library science and technology, the University of Jordan Library implements a modern and user-friendly interface listing its content to users everywhere. The Library serves around 9,000 to 11,000 users every day and contains around 1,260,872 items.

The University of Jordan Library is distinguished for its rich holdings which include:

  • - A repository of theses completed at universities that have been members of the Association of Arab Universities since 1986.
  • - A repository of United Nations prints since 1979, reports for the International Monetary Fund since 1999, and publications for the International Bank since 1999.
  • - An archive that contains a variety of documents dating back to the 15th century, including manuscripts, newspapers, courts records, microform magazines, etc.
 In keeping with digital library technology, the University of Jordan Library has adopted since 2006 an integral library system, named “Horizon”, which allows users to search for resources available at local universities. All Library material is described online through our website The Library offers a range of memberships which enable users within and outside the University to benefit from the Library’s physical and electronic resources.