The University of Jordan Library :: Amman ::UJ,
library Strategy
Through its strategic plan, the university of Jordan library aims at:

  • - Acquisition and holding the high quality content, and make them available for users as soon as they are required.
  • - Adopting the most recent technologies in the libraries sciences, in order to increase the quality of processes and services offered.
  • - Creating and offering a sustainable educational environment, and encouraging the creativity and competencies available to use it for the best of the offered library services.
  • - Establishing relations with partners and publishers to share experience and acquire the needed expertise, as well as adopting the most recent technology in the field.
  • - Enhancing the role of the library in raising the quality and the ranking for the research and graduated students to fit the market needs, through enable all recent and required resources for researchers and students.
  • - Increase the awareness of library role
  • - Developing the skills and competencies of the staff to be able to provide a high quality services for users.