About The library
      The library has started serving students and researchers with the establishment of the University of Jordan in 1962, through its main building near the main gate of the University campus which contains many facilities. In addition to 17 sub-halls spread in almost all the campus to serve the Varity fields of studying at the faculties and schools of the university.
     The library has a hierarchy that suites the way it serves its users, and guarantees the best quality of services for both academic and administrative staff, along with researchers and students, besides serving the local community.
     In order to keep up with the latest in the Libraries information sciences and technologies, the University of Jordan Library has adopted a modern and a friendly user interface to make its content available and searchable for users from everywhere.
     Around 9000 – 11000 researcher or user use the library daily, the library contains around (1.065.909) items.
What makes the library significant among its rivals in the field, is that it is considered as:

  • Theses deposit center for all Theses discussed and published by the universities that are members of the Association of Arab Universities since 1986.
  • Deposit center for United Nations prints and publications since 1979, and for the International monetary fund reports since 1999.
  • Has an Archive that contains Varity of documents back to the fifteenth century, including manuscripts, newspapers, courts records..etc.
 And as a modern library, JUL uses an integrated computer system, which named Horizon, and having the website that is available through the internet for all users all over the world: http://library.ju.edu.jo.

The library is opened for the researchers and users, 6 days of the week except Fridays, Sunday-to Thursday from 8 AM – 12 PM. Saturdays from 9 AM-6 PM.