Library Director


Dr. Nashrwan Al-Tahat

A Word From the Director

      Moving beyond the traditional role and the common typical image of a university library, the university of Jordan library seeks to be a gateway for researchers and scholars to access all university facilities. Moreover, the library aims at enabling scholars to acquire scientific requirements and information with ease and simplicity. based on that, the library works on strengthening communication with strategic partners from outside the university such as publishers, sponsors, and distinguished researchers in order to increase the awareness about the role of library and its services in a way that keeps up with new developments in all possible related fields, being research or technology. It is critical to stay up to date with academic world to preserve the position of our university among its competitors

Library Mission

  • Providing the best quality services for users.
  • To represent a path towards the research community and establish communication channels with researchers.
  • Representing a central gathering point for knowledge and information .
  • To be the first provider for the library services needed by users and researchers through its location in the university campus.

Library Vision

      To represent a cultural and scientific accredited platform for researchers and users in order to share in supporting the creative projects and special research, as well as increase the ranking of the university as a research and knowledge community.


The university of Jordan Library main values are:
  • Provide an ease the access for precise high quality information .
  • Confirming the role of the universities libraries in spreading knowledge and literacy, which makes them one of the significant assets for the nation development and prosperity.
  • Dealing trustfully with users, within the intellectual property regulations.
  • Providing the highest quality possible services.