Computer Applications and Databases
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The Computer and Database Division is responsible for all the computer and automation works required by the Library (programming and design of the library's websites, supervision and maintaining the working computers available in the library..etc) This division also oversees the Integrated Unified Library System (Horizon) of the official Jordanian universities and it coordinates Library’s staff training on the new systems

The Computer Division also provides information services, research and studies on the databases available in the Library on the Internet, in addition to the preparation of manuals, leaflets and bibliographic lists for researchers and library patrons besides the training of students and researchers.

  In addition, the Computer Division is responsible for automated processing of information and producing Library’s specialized databases such as the Theses and abstracts database, as well as developing and updating the library's website within the University's website to provide automated search services for Arab and Foreign library holdings. Activating the role of the electronic library, which includes electronic subscriptions to foreign and Arabic databases and electronic journals in full text. The Division also has the task of providing subscriptions to electronic databases and adding them on the website according to the need of the scientific and humanitarian faculties of the University, in addition to providing periodicals and newspapers, Arab and foreign, through the purchase or gift.