Definitions and clarifications of library terms

References: is a book that does not read from the beginning to the end and, it is using to search for specific information, such as encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries, manuals and statistical tables. It is distinguished from the ordinary book with the letter (m) or (R) above the classification code.

Periodical: A publication that issued periodically, whether daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly, such as newspapers, magazines and periodicals.

Jordan Collection: Are the books whose subject matter relates to Jordan, regardless of the nationality of the author and the language of the book, and symbolized by the two letters (J.C).

Jerusalem Collection: Are the books whose subject related to the city of Jerusalem, symbolized by the two letters. (P.C)

Rare Books: Are books that were printed a year ago (1930). Symbolized by the letters

Thesis: Thesis submitted for obtaining the master's or doctoral degree and symbolized by the letters (Th).  

Manuscript: Are all handwriting and symbolized by the word (manuscript) or (M.S).

United Nations Group: These are the books issued by the United Nations and its specialized agencies and symbolized by (UN.)

Women's Studies Group: It deals with women's issues and symbolized by the letters (W.S)

University archives: It includes the publications issued by the different universities and symbolized by (U.A).

Microfilm/ Microfiche: Movies depicting rare and important office materials where machines are available to read and print (such as microwaves and microfiche).

Audio-visual materials: often accompanied by some books as illustrative means, most important of the slides, cassettes, videos, transparencies and others