Conditions of thesis Submission


·         The CD contains only two files, one in the form of a WinWord file and the other a replica of the WinWord file in the form of a PDF file, regardless of page numbering.

·         The order of pages in both files as follows:

-       Title Page (Sealed by Graduate Studies)

-       Discussion Resolution (Sealed by Graduate Studies)

-       Authorization Form  

-       The rest of the theses pages are complete.

Which means that: the first three pages must scan by the scanner ***

·         If the student uses any type of font that is not widely used (such as the Quranic verses), the TTF file must be add to the disk. Do not use the font as "Simplified Arabic" and replace it with any other type of font such as "Arial" or otherwise. This is the only font that causes problems in displaying the message when displayed on the website, especially for devices that use modern systems such as Windows 7.0 or Vista) and researchers.